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Praise For GoldPredict

"I appreciate the considerable work you must do in providing your analysis and please continue with your valuable work. I would like to say that I intend to be a member for many years to come."

"My retirement was down 33% as of November 2014. With your help I’ve made a 62% return since November 2015 ($137k). $90k of that just in February."

"Perfectly timed report, I sold my position. Made $32,000 today, $127,000 since Jan 1 2016."

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Member Data Center

The Member Data Center offers an innovative, comprehensive and convenient way to access all GoldPredict features. There you'll find the current Color Gauge readings, markets analysis, recent updates and what they mean for your strategy.

The Data Center is accessible on both desktop and mobile, allowing you to check in no matter where you are.

Straightforward System

The Gold Predict Color Gauges were designed specifically to navigate the intermediate cycles found within the precious metals sector. This system is best suited for longer term trading or investing and is not intended for day trading. An independent gauge is committed to Gold, Silver and both Junior and Senior Mining indices.

Each Gauge follows the 6-month price trend. Buy Zone alerts are often good entry points in an advancing Bull Market. Each gauge enters Buy Zone territory around two or three times per annum.

Regular, Timely Analysis

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday members receive a detailed analysis of the US Dollar, Gold, Silver and the Mining indexes with added summaries of the crude oil market and the S&P 500. Frequent updates are released between the regularly scheduled reports highlighting economic data points, global concerns, and market turning points. Members are alerted via email when a Color Gauge enters new territory and when articles are released; notifications include a hyperlink that automatically forwards members to the post. Note: Tuesday and Thursday reports are posted 1-2 hours after the U.S. Markets close.

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