Tonight’s report will be brief. I’ll release a full summary tomorrow.


-GOLD- Gold finished below the 10-day EMA. It doesn’t mean much until we see how markets respond tomorrow.

-SILVER- Prices moved back to the middle of the range. I imagine we will see prices break free within the next 72-hours. Which direction depends on the election results.

-GDX- Miners changed little from the afternoon update. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

-GDXJ- Juniors look weak compared to GDX. Prices remain below the moving averages.

-WTIC- It looks like oil is probing for a low. Closing above $63.40 in the coming days would support at least a short-term bottom.

I’ll monitor the polls and futures overnight. Expect one or more updates before the open. The morning open could be tricky. I’m more interested in how and where prices finish the day.