Cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent. A few weeks ago, bad actors attacked the Colonial pipeline and now the largest meat supplier in the U.S. I believe these attacks on infrastructure and the food supply will continue.

We are no longer dealing with tech-savvy hackers living in their mom’s basement. These hacks are sophisticated and perpetrated by Artificial Intelligence. What’s scary about A.I. is it doesn’t sleep, need bathroom brakes, or wages. It probes tirelessly for weaknesses 24/7. 

Gold is the best insurance against such events, in my opinion. It’s real money – not manmade. It can’t be hacked or replicated. 

Sooner or later, one of these attacks could cause significant (longer-term) damage to the power grid or food supply. Something of that magnitude could create fear and a sudden stampede into precious metals (supply would dry up quickly). 

The time to buy insurance is before the disaster. Unfortunately, human nature never changes, and most people wake up after it’s too late. 

I recommended having some cash on hand and precious metals (recognizable gold or silver coins). Having extra food and water on standby is ideal. If possible, keep alternative forms of heat, energy production, and fuel storage. 

I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but I think we need to stay alert and ready for progressive or worsening attacks. If you haven’t prepared, you may want to consider taking some steps in that direction.