TESLA UPDATE (possible crash)

Tesla Price on the Verge of Collapse?


The price chart of Tesla is on the edge of a cliff. Twitter haters may use TSLA shares as a bearish Proxy since they can no longer short the stock. Breaking below the 2021 lows could trigger a cascading decline.


Tesla Price Chart

Below is the daily chart of TSLA. Prices have held support for 2-years. If it breaks now, it could trigger cascading stop losses lower. The next 2-weeks are crucial. 


  • Tesla is testing critical support near $180. 


  • Twitter bears can no longer short the stock after Elon took TWTR private. 


  • Worst-case scenario: The bears use TLSA as a proxy for Twitter crashing prices below the 2021 lows. 


In summary, Tesla shares could be on the verge of an epic breakdown.

It could get nasty if prices fall below $170