The dollar continues to search for a bottom. Prices have been declining for 6-months, and nearly everyone is bearish. The extremly bearish sentiment should lead to a base….eventually. I would buy the current dollar weakness if gold were breaking out to new highs; prices remain below the April/June $1,298 double top.

Our expectations for a decline into a 6-Month Low are approaching validation. The intermediate trendline in gold is crucial. Violating the 5-month trendline will affirm our forecast.

I’ve received several emails concerning gold and the dollar. Members are notably bearish on the dollar and anxious/bullish on gold. I expect to see these comments reverse as gold approaches the 6-month low. Of course, gold breaking out above $1,300 would nullify my prediction.


-US DOLLAR- Nearly everyone is bearish on the dollar. This type of sentiment forms bottoms…not tops. Furthermore, gold remains below the June $1,298 high while the dollar plummets to fresh lows. The divergence supports an approaching low in the dollar.

-GOLD- Prices should test the trendline within the next few trading days. If the trendline survives the test, we will get a bounce. If it fails (an undeniable close below), the decline into the 6-month low will be verified.

-SILVER- Prices rallied to touch the 20-day EMA. We should see them rollover and head back to the $16.00 level in the coming days.

-GDX- Prices should decline below the $21.75 low by Wednesday of next week. We could see another bounce if prices stabilize around the $21.00-$21.25 support zone. If gold fails to rebound at the intermediate trendline, GDX should breakdown through support at $21.00.

-GDXJ- Prices will soon test the May trendline. We could see expedited selling once prices successfully close below $32.50.

-SPY- Prices fell right to support at 240 and bounced. A daily close back above 243 would likely spark another rally. Whereas, closing below 240 and 239 could spark a swift pullback.

-WTIC- Closing below today’s low ($44.65) could send prices back beneath the 10-day EMA. If prices pullback in a corrective manner I might consider a short-term long entry.

Gold should examine the trendline within the next few trading days. We could see accelerated selling in metals and miners if the trendline breaks.

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