As we head into the weekend, I want to give you something to think about.


  • What’s going on right now? There is a worldwide pandemic, and volatility is at 33-year highs.
  • What do people do whenever fear is high? They rush to precious metals! Human nature is very predictable.
  • What is insanely cheap right NOW and an excellent store of wealth? —–> Precious Metals!


I just called my dealer friend; she said precious metals are flying off the shelves, especially silver. Currently, there is a 3-business day delay on shipping due to the demand spike.

So, what does that mean? It means any decline now is likely temporary – no matter how scary it seems.

The COVID-19 crisis has shocked instant demand back into precious metals. 

That was the missing element and will thrust us into the next stage of the gold bull market. 



Have an excellent weekend and be safe!