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Thu, 12 May 2022

    The meltdown in crypto is getting worse, and Tether is beginning to lose its peg to 1.00.   Tether is the third-largest cryptocurrency and has a market cap near $80-billion.     There has been a lot of speculation that Tether is a fraud or a Ponzi scheme. I’ve studied it, and agree […]

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Sun, 30 Jan 2022

  The W-bottom in miners, silver, and platinum is remarkably similar to what transpired in late 2015 and early 2016 as we started a new Fed rate hiking cycle. The correlation may hold some good news and the potential for an explosive rally starting soon in precious metals.     GDX 2015 & 2016: We […]

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Fri, 12 Nov 2021

    HYMC UPDATE      On April 3, 2021, I featured Hycroft Mining as a top 10-speculative stock. At the time, it was trading at $3.95 with a $237-million market cap (chart below).  With a market cap now of just $63-million and with approximately $150-million in debt, they are technically insolvent. Their only hope of […]

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Thu, 11 Nov 2021

      HAPPY VETERANS DAY   In this report, I cover a potential meme stock that meets 4 of my 6 moonshot criteria. I bought a little today for the Metals Portfolio, and I will release this information publicly tomorrow – Gold Predict insiders are getting the first-mover advantage.       Meme Stock […]

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Thu, 11 Nov 2021

  Gold prices have languished after spiking to new all-time highs in 2020.   The Fed’s transitory inflation story is dead, as inflation spikes to 30-year highs.   Some estimate the Fed’s favorite measure of inflation (PCE) could double from 3.5% to around 7.0% in 2022.     Gold’s Bumpy Road Being a gold investor […]

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Fri, 22 Oct 2021

      Below is a quick update on crypto and gold. According to Bloomberg, Yesterday’s flash-crash in crypto was triggered on the Binance exchange. Below is a chart and snippet from said article  (link below).     Bitcoin Crashed 87% on Binance’s U.S. Exchange Due to Algo Bug   The price of […]

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Mon, 20 Sep 2021

    BARRICK GOLD 3-YEAR CYCLE: The 3-year cycle in Barrick Gold (GOLD) seems to set critical turning points every third September. With prices steadily declining for the past 12-months, the odds support a potential bottom brewing in the following days. Perhaps Wednesday’s Fed decision will force a low (possible spike low). From a technical […]

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Fri, 13 Aug 2021

  Gold prices stabilized after spiking below $1700 early in the week. A close on Friday above $1760 could trigger a bullish reversal and a potential double bottom.   Before we jump into the weekend, I wanted to mention the weekly chart of gold.   GOLD WEEKLY: A close above $1760 on Friday would create […]

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Must Hold Bullish & Bearish Price Levels for Gold and Miners

Fri, 9 Jul 2021

    Gold Forecast – Must Hold Bullish & Bearish Price Levels for Gold and Miners   Metals and miners continue to climb a wall of worry out of their June lows. In this update, I provide key prices levels to monitor into August. Overall, our long-term outlook remains firmly bullish.   Red Flag or […]

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Wed, 2 Jun 2021

  Cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent. A few weeks ago, bad actors attacked the Colonial pipeline and now the largest meat supplier in the U.S. I believe these attacks on infrastructure and the food supply will continue. We are no longer dealing with tech-savvy hackers living in their mom’s basement. These hacks are sophisticated and perpetrated by Artificial Intelligence. […]

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