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Sun, 2 Sep 2018

  For some time I’ve expected 2018 to be gold’s breakout year. Although it is still possible, the odds have declined severely. So what happened? Well, many factors influence the price of gold – interest rates, inflation expectations, currencies wars, monetary policy, stock markets trends, investment demand and consumer sentiment to name a few. Right […]

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Sun, 26 Aug 2018

  Gold is at a pivotal point. Prices dropped $200 since April’s botched breakout attempt. We have a failed cycle and prices collapsed below support at $1200. The moving averages are down and trending lower. The charts – well are frankly bearish. Gold needs to mount a miraculous turnaround to revive the bullish potential. Factors […]

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Sat, 4 Aug 2018

  Commercial gold hedgers reduced their short holdings by nearly 25% last week – a sharp reduction. Their combined positions (futures and options) dropped an astonishing 37%. Speculative shorts remain at or near record highs. For example, managed money is short 153,108 gold contracts. During the July 2017 low, their shorts reached 100,397 contracts (see […]

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Sun, 29 Jul 2018

  Gold was unable to make any headway going into next weeks Fed meeting…not surprising. Nevertheless, multiple factors continue to support a low. Both the weekly RSI and MFI are deeply oversold. The COT numbers are incredibly bullish. More bullish than they were last July when prices rallied $150+ in 8-weeks. Sentiment is bearish and […]

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Sun, 22 Jul 2018

  The persistent 3-month decline in gold cut much deeper than I anticipated. As the cycle extended, gold broke key levels at $1280, and $1238. This renewed calls for a bear market and imminent collapse. I remain firmly bullish on the yellow metal and believe the washout period is over. Member after member reached out […]

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Sun, 15 Jul 2018

  Will the 6-Month cycle ever bottom? It seems like the assault will never end, investors (including myself) are beyond their breaking point. I’ve seen this many times, and I can assure you prices will bottom. It’s been 30-weeks, and gold is yet to confirm a low. However, miners remain stable and are just 6% […]

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Sat, 9 Jun 2018

  There is a cyclical nature to almost everything in life and gold is no different. During the good times (2001-2011), gold rallied year-after-year, and everyone was excited. In tough times (2011-2015) prices declined year-after-year and dreams were crushed. Where are we now you ask? I believe we are transitioning into another run of “Good […]

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Sat, 12 May 2018

  We are in the worry stage surrounding 6-month lows. Prices may have bottomed, but it’s unconfirmed. If metals and miners remain buoyant next week, I’ll give the all clear and confirm the 6-month lows. If prices weaken and close below key support, we may see one more dip. Miners are diverging positively from gold […]

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Sat, 5 May 2018

  Gold is approahing an important low and I see two potential scenarios. Scenario 1) Prices formed 6-month lows on Tuesday, and a new rally is just getting started. Scenario 2) This is just a 3-5 day bounce and prices will rollover and bottom within a week or two. The COT for gold is neutral […]

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Sat, 21 Apr 2018

  The dollar rallied on Friday and gold finished lower. We will find out next week if this is just a pullback or the beginning of a more profound correction in gold. The evidence isn’t overpowering, but I see subtle clues supporting a basic pullback. Over the last year, we’ve been conditioned to expect little […]

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