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Sat, 13 Jan 2018

  The dollar broke sharply lower Friday and closed below the September 90.99 low. Breaking that low, in our opinion, confirms a new bear market in the dollar. Our cycle work suggests the dollar should trend lower into 2023/2024. A multi-year dollar bear market should propel gold and silver to new all-time highs. I reinforced […]

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Sun, 17 Dec 2017

  We believe 2018 will be the breakout year for metals and miners. The initial bull market advance occurred in 2016. Miners exploded off their 2016 lows and needed 2017 to recover. The consolidation phase in nigh complete and they are positioned for the second advance. Prices are close to a low: We may have […]

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Sun, 10 Dec 2017

  Gold finally broke the October low, and prices should bottom within the next 1-4 weeks. A low is possible next week if prices suddenly spike below $1,215. In December 2015/2016 gold bottomed 1-day after the FED’s rate hike (see rate hike chart). Conflicting Data: Rate hike timing supports a low next week, but the […]

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